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  • A low-cost carrier or low-cost airline (also known as a no-frills, discount or budget carrier or airline) is an airline that generally has lower fares.

  • A country in the Caribbean Sea that occupies the western third of the island of Hispaniola; pop. 7,600,000; capital, Port-au-Prince; official languages, Haitian Creole and French

  • (haitian) a native or inhabitant of Haiti

  • (haitian) of or relating to or characteristic of the republic of Haiti or its people; "Haitian shantytowns"

  • a republic in the West Indies on the western part of the island of Hispaniola; achieved independence from France in 1804; the poorest and most illiterate nation in the western hemisphere

cheap flights to haiti - Haiti: The

Haiti: The Tumultuous History - From Pearl of the Caribbean to Broken Nation

Haiti: The Tumultuous History - From Pearl of the Caribbean to Broken Nation

Why has Haiti been plagued by so many woes? Why have multiple U.S. efforts to create a stable democracy in Haiti failed so spectacularly? Philippe Girard answers these and other questions, examining how colonialism and slavery have left a legacy of racial tension, both within Haiti and internationally; Haitians remain deeply suspicious of white foriegners' motives, many of whom doubt Hatians' ability to govern themselves. He also examines how Haiti's current political instability is merely a continuation of political strife that began during the War of Independence (1791-1804). Finally, Girard explores poverty's devastating impact on contemporary Haiti and argues that Haitians--particularly home-grown dictators--bear a big share of the responsibility for their nation's troubles.

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HAITI, temporada de furacões...***...HAITI, hurricane season

HAITI, temporada de furacões...***...HAITI, hurricane season

Haiti ainda e principal preocupacao de meteorologistas em temporada de furacoes.

Fort Lauderdale (EUA), 01.07.2010(EFE)
O Centro Nacional de Furacoes (NHC, na sigla em ingles) dos Estados Unidos manifestousua grande preocupacao com o impacto no Haiti da temporada de ciclones no Atlantico deste ano, que, segundo previsoes, sera mais intensa que em 2009.

"Minha principal preocupacao e o que acontecera no Haiti. Se for formada uma tempestade de mais de 160 km/h e ela atravessar o pais, podemos ter uma catastrofe", advertiu Bill Read, diretor do NHC.
Em entrevista a Agencia Efe, Read lembrou que em 2008 cerca de "mil pessoas" morreram no Haiti por inundacoes causadas pelas tempestades e furacoes que afetaram o Caribe.

Haiti is still the main concern of meteorologists in hurricane season.

Fort Lauderdale (USA), Jul 01, 2010 (EFE)
The National Hurricane Center (NHC, the acronym in English) U.S. manifested his great concern about the impact on Haiti's hurricane season in the Atlantic this year, which according to forecasts, will be more intense than in 2009.

"My main concern is what will happen in Haiti. If a storm formed over 160 km / h it across country, we have a catastrophe," warned Bill Read, director of the NHC.
In an interview with Efe, Read recalled that in 2008 about "a thousand people" were killed in Haiti by floods caused by storms and hurricanes that affected the Caribbean.
Jul 01, 2010

Hope for Haiti Now!!!!

Hope for Haiti Now!!!!

hope for haiti now. Every little helps. Go online, text, call now!!! If you're watching the special telethon on all major channels and enjoying the performances, pick up your cell, your phone or while chatting take a minute break and help!!! The devastation was enormous!! God Bless!!

call 1-877-99-haiti and pledge $10.00
Make a pledge now and leave me a note on the petals!!

Thanks for your contributions and generosity!!!

cheap flights to haiti

cheap flights to haiti

Haiti After the Earthquake

On January 12, 2010 a massive earthquake laid waste to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, killing hundreds of thousands of people. Within three days, Dr. Paul Farmer arrived in the Haitian capital, along with a team of volunteers, to lend his services to the injured.
In this vivid narrative, Farmer describes the incredible suffering--and resilience--that he encountered in Haiti. Having worked in the country for nearly thirty years, he skillfully explores the social issues that made Haiti so vulnerable to the earthquake--the very issues that make it an "unnatural disaster." Complementing his account are stories from other doctors, volunteers, and earthquake survivors.
Haiti After the Earthquake will both inform and inspire readers to stand with the Haitian people against the profound economic and social injustices that formed the fault line for this disaster.

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